10 Years Of Precision Farming With Isomatch Geocontrol

Back In 2011, Kverneland Launched A Series Of Advanced Application Controls For Its Fertiliser Spreaders, Sprayers And Seed Drills, To Boost Accuracy And Efficiency Within Precision Farming Systems. The Suite Of Intelligent Machine Control Systems, Under

Back in 2011, Kverneland launched a series of advanced application controls for its fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and seed drills, to boost accuracy and efficiency within precision farming systems. The suite of intelligent machine control systems, under the ‘iM FARMING’ umbrella, allow a greater level of task control including automatic on/off and section control.

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is an additional software application within the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or PRO terminals that helps to control all ISOBUS compatible Kverneland Group machines. Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfills future needs in terms of easy, smart, and efficient farming.

“IsoMatch GEOCONTROL offers a higher level of intelligent machine control solutions for those seeking the ultimate levels of accuracy from precision farming systems,” explains Xavier Tros de Ilarduya, product manager for Kverneland precision farming technology. “IsoMatch GEOCONTROL creates section control to allow finer management and greater control of seeding and fertiliser spreading among other implement functions.”

10 years of Precision Farming with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

Since IsoMatch GEOCONTROL was launched at Agritechnica 2011, a lot has changed within the software.

Kverneland was one of the first on the market with the precision farming solution, starting out with 24 sections and 1 rate. Since then, the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, which is required for use of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, has been upgraded to the IsoMatch Tellus PRO. In addition, the 7 inch IsoMatch Tellus GO+ terminal was added to the precision farming product line up together with several accessories like IsoMatch InLine light bar, IsoMatch Grip joystick and IsoMatch TopService to name a few.

Besides this, the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software itself has also received significant updates like adding more sections, more rates, several languages and compatibility with various implements.

Perhaps more importantly, the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software enabled the development of additional machine-specific controllers like GEOSPREAD and GEOSEED, to simultaneously manage working widths and variable rate applications with fertiliser spreading and seeding operations. As IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is ISOBUS compatible, it can be used to control all ISOBUS ready implements whether this is a sprayer, spreader, seeder or plough etc.

The software now supports 110 sections and 24 rate and it’s not stopping there! IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is under continuous development and has many exciting things in store for farmers in the future. Always with the farmer and the belief of easy, smart, and efficient farming at the top of mind.

Top Features of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

  • Controls all ISOBUS compatible implements.
  • Creates section control for ultimate accuracy and therefore cost savings.
  • Enabled the development of machine-specific controllers (GEOSPREAD and GEOSEED) to manage working widths and variable rate applications.
  • Supports 110 sections and 24 rates.

We are excited for the future of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, we hope you are too!


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