Bale Handler

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Brand Prodig
Model Bale Handler

Our Hydraulic Bale Handler is strong and robust for easy handling of round bales securely and safely. It can easily contend with misshapen bales. Our bale handler has rotating roller sleeves to ensure no damage to the wrap when clamping. These sleeves can be easily removed allowing our bale handler to be used as a bale spike.This heavy duty bale handler does not have box iron legs, like all the other bale handlers on the market. Our legs are made from fabricated plate sections and are up to 3 times stronger than a box iron section. We use our own ''made in house'' sleeves with a 12mm wall, the heaviest on the market. There is a larger than standard hydraulic ram for more power plus it has a longer stroke to give you a wider spread for ripping bales apart. With closed centres at 730mm and open centres at 1650 our bale handler can lift any size of round bales. Grease points on all moving parts. This bale handler is suitable for all size machines.

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